How to update Parse SDK for OS X

First of all, you have to install the latest version of the Parse SDK for OS X. You can download it here:

Download Parse SDK for OS X (Swift or Objective-C)


Then, you have to update your app to connect to instead of You need to use one of the codes below depending on the platform you are using to develop:



let configuration = ParseClientConfiguration {
    $0.applicationId = "YOUR_APP_ID"
    $0.clientKey = "YOUR_CLIENT_KEY"
    $0.server = ""
    $0.localDatastoreEnabled = true // If you need to enable local data store



[Parse initializeWithConfiguration:[ParseClientConfiguration configurationWithBlock:^(id<ParseMutableClientConfiguration> configuration) {
   configuration.applicationId = @"YOUR_APP_ID";
   configuration.clientKey = @"YOUR_CLIENT_KEY";
   configuration.server = @"";
   configuration.localDatastoreEnabled = YES; // If you need to enable local data store


It’s done! You only need to publish the new version of your OS X app!

Once your users have updated the app to the new version, they will start requesting back{4}app’s API instead of one.

Not updated apps will continue connecting in API, but DON’T WORRY! It will nicely work until January 28, 2017. Because your database was successfully migrated to back{4}app, both and will read/update the data into the same database: your new migrated database in the back{4}app’s servers. Learn more.