How to create a new app on Parse

Once you are logged in on Parse, you could see a Create a new app button on dashboard. There, you can choose an App name and use default Parse database, or, put Back{4}app’s database link, and point directly to our servers, so you could jump the migration steps from Parse to Back{4}app.

Once you are on your App dashboard, on the right menu, you will have access to some sections:


Here, you can create a new class. Once you have it, you can change it’s Role, Session and add instances of the class. You can also set your Cloud Code, Webhooks, Jobs and use its REST API Console.


Parse Server provides basic push notification functionality for iOS and Android, and provides some features:

However, it still does not support:

  • Super high throughput since it does not employ a job queue system
  • You can only use masterKey to send push notifications
  • Delivery reports are not supported
  • Scheduled push is not support


Once setted up, Parse automatically capture behalf data from your app, such as its traffic, the push notifications sent, and number of API calls made. You can also add your custom events using Parse Analytics.

App Settings

Where you find all API keys. In addition, you can change the settings of your app, manage its security, and export your data.