Parse Migration

Parse Server

The open source Parse Server makes possible to serve the Parse API from back{4}app platform. back{4}app provides a way for you to keep your application running without major changes on your App integration. The Parse client SDKs now support changing the API server location to direct them to your own. This also lets you use the Parse client SDKs with entirely new applications that have no dependency on the Parse hosted services.


The Database Migration

You can now power your Parse app using your DB instance that we’ve hosted. Using our BaaS infrastructure will help ensure that your queries will run at a high level of performance. By migrating your database to back{4}app, you will be able to:

  • Increase performance of queries (and thereby your app) by providing larger amounts of dedicated processing power and memory to your database
  • eliminate risk of another app impacting the performance of your app’s queries
  • gain raw access to your application’s data
  • modify, add, or fine-tune indexes on your most popular or complex queries

We strongly encourage you to start the migration process as soon as possible. For more details, check out our migration guide.