Developing Cloud Code

You can also run the Back4App command line interface in development mode using the develop command. This will make the tool watch the source directory for any updates and deploy them to Back4app. It also provides a live stream of Cloud Code logs.

Note:Be careful! You have to be at the folder of the app!

Type b4a list to view all the apps that are linked to this one, after this, type b4a develop appName

$ b4a list
The following apps are associated with Cloud Code in the current directory:
These are the apps you currently have access to:
$b4a develop Back4App
Your changes are now live.

Notice that terminal will inform you every time that the app is modified

Unlike the other commands, for develop you must specify the Parse App to push updates to. This is to avoid accidentally running develop on your production app causing you to run untested code in your production app.