What does Requests/Second mean?

This answer explains what an API request (or API call) is and what counts as a request. A few important concepts below.

  • Query – Is a request to get information from a database.
  • API Request – Is a query to our database.
  • API Requests / Second – Total of unique requests to your application per second.

Examples of requests are: API transactions, queries, cloud functions calls, HTTP requests,  push notifications and etc. Queries, saves, logins, amongst other kinds of operations will be taken into account when determining the number of requests generated by your app. A request to send a push notification will count as a single request regardless of how many installations are targeted. Every time your app stores or retrieves some data, that’s a request. We start you out with 10 requests every second (that’s 600 a minute), which will cover a pretty large amount of traffic.